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Copyrighted material is used on this site under fair use. If you are the copyright holder and you believe your material is being used unfairly please send me an email.

A large amount of research went into gathering the information for this Harvest Moon: Back to Nature guide. Here you will find a list of all the sites that I used to collect the information for my guide. I also confirmed most of this information myself by testing things in the game.


All the screenshots on this site were taken by me. Feel free to save them and use them on your own site and don’t worry about having to give me credit although a link back to this site is always appreciated. I am not the copyright holder of this game and I do not own the content within the screenshots.

No hotlinking though please.

The pictures of the five girls and main character came from RPG Gamer ( These pictures are floating all over the Internet so I figured there was no problem using them here.

The social media icons are from Spoon Graphics (


The information in this guide came from a combination of the following sources as well as my own tests within the game. Nothing on this site has been plagarised and everything has been written by me in my own words. If you have a problem with me using your guide or site in my research I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do about that.

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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was developed by Victor Interactive Software (PS1) and Marvelous Interactive (PSP). It was published by Natsume on the Sony PS1 and Sony PSP. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is owned by Natsume.

I have purchased both a physical copy of the PS1 version of this game as well as a downloadable copy off the PlayStation Network.