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In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature to get the fishing rod you have to visit the beach between 7:00 to 10:00 am or 7:00 to 10:00 pm on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You’ll find Greg on the end of the pier and if you talk to him you’ll receive the Fishing Rod.

You can also get a Fishing Pole in this videogame which makes it take half the time to catch a fish and makes catching King Fish easier. To get the Fishing Pole you have to have at least 50 fish in your pond. Then Greg will come by your farm to admire your pond full of fish and he’ll give you the Fishing Pole. It’s very important that you have a free slot in your inventory for the Fishing Pole and that you don’t enter any buildings before talking to Greg or you’ll never be able to get the Fishing Pole.

When you fish in this game you’ll catch either a small fish, medium fish, large fish or some kind of garbage. Depending on where you fish you’ll receive a higher percentage of either fish or garbage.

You can throw the fish you catch into your pond. If you feed them fish food which you can get from the Supermarket the fish will grow and eventually new fish will be born.

Fish Selling Price

Small Fish 50g
Medium Fish 120g
Large Fish 200g

Fishing Locations

There are four main locations in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature where you can fish.

The river running by your farm

The river running by your farm
Types of fish: only small fish
Difficulty: easy
Fish to Trash Ratio: 1 fish to 3 trash
This is definitely not the best place to fish. You’ll waste a lot of your time for only a few small fish.

The Waterfall Pond

The Waterfall Pond
Types of fish: small fish and medium fish
Difficulty: medium
Fish to Trash Ratio: 1 fish to 2 trash
This spot is better than the river running by your farm but you’re still probably better off fishing elsewhere.

Mother's Hill Lake

Mother’s Hill Lake
Types of fish: small fish and medium fish
Difficulty: medium
Fish to Trash Ratio: 2 fish to 1 trash
This is probably the best place to spend your time fishing in this videogame. You’ll be able to catch a large amount of fish in a minimal amount of time. Even though most of the lake is frozen during the winter you can still fish here. There’s no ice near the waterfall so you should be able to find a place to cast and hit water near the bridge.

The beach

The beach
Types of fish: small, medium and large fish
Difficulty: hard
Fish to Trash Ratio: 1 fish to 1 trash
While this is the only place you can catch large fish in this videogame the difficulty is very hard and really not worth your time. You can fish from both the beach itself or the pier, it won’t affect anything where you stand.

You can however fish up a Power Berry here so once you get that you probably shouldn’t bother fishing here ever again.

King Fish

There are also 6 "King Fish" in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. You should probably only attempt to catch these after you get the Fishing Pole as they’re quite difficult to catch. You have to meet certain requirements for each fish before you can catch it and after you catch it you’ll receive a picture and you’ll throw the fish back.

Name of King Fish Location Requirements
Catfish Winter Mine You’ll find a pond on the bottom floor of the Winter Mine. Fish here to catch the Catfish.
Angler Beach Fish at the beach in winter from 6:00 to 8:00 am or 10:00 pm to 5:50 am.
Char Waterfall Pond Get all the fish recipes (Grilled Fish, Sashimi, Sushi and Chirashi Sushi) and fish at the Waterfall Pond.
Squid Beach During the summer throw a small fish into the ocean then fish. If you fail you’ll have to throw a new small fish in the ocean again the next day and again every day you fish until you catch the Squid.
Sea Bream Beach Ship at least 200 fish by manually throwing them into the shipping bin yourself (not by using the basket or horse!) and then fish at the beach in any season other than summer.
Carp Mother’s Hill Lake After you’ve caught all 5 of the other fish you can catch this in Mother’s Hill Lake during the fall.