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Power Berries

In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature you can find Power Berries which will increase your stamina. You start off with only 100 stamina and each Power Berry you find increases your total stamina by 10. The higher your stamina the more work you can get done before you collapse and start gaining fatigue in the videogame.

As a slight bonus your stamina will be completely recovered when you find a Power Berry and there are a total of 10 of them in the game.

It doesn’t matter at all which order you get these in.

Waterfall Mine Power Berry

You can randomly dig up a Power Berry inside the Waterfall Mine.

Winter Mine Power Berry

You can randomly dig up a Power Berry inside the Winter Mine.

Behind the Winter Mine

If you go behind the little island the Winter Mine is on and press X you’ll find a Power Berry.

Watching the TV

When you watch the Shopping Network on TV one day they will randomly sell a Power Berry for 5,000g.

Fishing for a Power Berry at the beach

When you fish at the beach in this videogame you’ll randomly catch a Power Berry.

The Lone Tree

There’s a tree on Mother’s Hill that will give you a Power Berry if you try to cut it down during the Spring but stop when it asks you to stop.

The Swimming Festival

The first time you win the Swimming Festival you will receive a Power Berry.

The Harvest Goddess

If you throw 5 items into the Goddess’s pond she will give you a Power Berry.

The Horse Race

You can trade 1001 medals at the Horse Race for a Power Berry.